Spiritual Spring Cleaning Bible Verses

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Each spring arrives in God’s perfect timing. What if I asked God to remove this attitude and embraced newfound spiritual independence to move forward? Ask Jesus to scrub my heart clean again as I.

Mar 6, 2019. Think of this as a form of spiritual spring cleaning, where we get. There are no Bible verses that mention Lent or Ash Wednesday, but the.

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Even today, access to clean, salt-free. one source of water in the Bible — the one that provided for the people of Jerusalem — and the role it played in history, we can strengthen our faith in the.

Those sitting under a false teacher will be like a “spring without water” (2 Peter 2:17. A true believer’s changed life comes from a heart of love to Christ. Hypocrites can clean up their outward.

Spring garage sales are seasonal celebrations in my Midwest town. Along with cleaning out the clutter, the high point of these community events is visiting with old friends who stop by and meeting new.

But at Hanover College, a small liberal-arts college in Indiana near the banks of the Ohio River, Mike Pence came to feel that something was missing from his spiritual. this spring, I embraced the.

Apr 8, 1984. God wants us to worship him in both spirit and truth. that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. But the closest parallel to verse 14 is John 7:37–39: “Jesus stood up and proclaimed. comes when you have to say: biblical worship is true worship and yours is false.

Mar 19, 2018. Spring cleaning is just a normal part of the yearly calendar, but today's topic is a different. One of the greatest assurances of salvation to me is the Spirit's convicting when I do. One of my favorite Bible verses is Psalm 34:22.

What do we do to keep the flames of fire burning in our spirit?. Take time to do a spring cleaning of your heart and let go of any unforgiveness you. Here are some Bible verses about revival for you to meditate on as you are seeking God for.

But last spring, Al Ridenour, a.k.a. “Reverend Al,” stepped. painting a mountain of stone with Bible verses? The freaks and misfits had their energy back. But few of the ideas were fresh. Most of.

Though the story of the Beast and various other biblical verses are associated with the Antichrist, the word itself, “Antichrist,” only appears four times in the Bible, in the letters. apocalyptic.

Ms. Parsons’ most recent release is her first nonfiction book entitled "Spiritual Spring Cleaning." She has published four novels and has an e-book series featuring four novellas. After the meeting,

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Just as a home needs a thorough spring-cleaning, so do our marriages. This will require time for personal discipline with the Lord in prayer and Bible study. Meditate on His Word daily, and you.

With spring cleaning comes the motivation to declutter, to go through items and clothing and decide what to donate or get rid of. Some of us may feel like no matter how many things we go through and.

I’ve written what he said in my Bible and posted it on my desk: "Lord, cleanse us of anything You cannot bless." To illustrate this in everyday, close-to-home terms, think about spring cleaning. If we.

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